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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mental Math - 356 Flash Cards Free!

356 Free Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards

I am feeling pretty generous and have created some Mental Mathematics flashcards for K-3 to assist with teaching mental strategies for addition and subtraction. 

Please click on the link below to download the Mental Mathematics cards - FREEBIE! 

How to use: 

My Year 1s complete the Mental Mathematics Challenge everyday.

Time:   15minutes 
Focus: Addition and Subtraction
Resources: Jessie's Resources Mental Math Cards laminated and cut. 

Make a ladder - Each student has their name on a laminated card on a pin up board with velcro. All cards need to be visible and on top of each other. 
Selection: Select the bottom 2 students to go first. You hold up one problem in front of the 2 students. Whoever gets the answer correct first stays on to challenge the next person on the ladder and so on until there is a winner. 

This is a great way to monitor the progress of students and my kids get really into it! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

June Giveaway!

1. Book covers by Jessie

These designs can be easily downloaded and modified to suit your needs. There are 2 designs, one for boys and one for girls. 

2. Be a writing Superstar! 

Download and print as a friendly reminder to students!

3. Pirates Numbers Pack by Jessie

Download and print this Pirate themed pack with skip counting by 5s to 100s and counting to 30 with single digits. 

4. Pirate Themed label pack by Jessie 

Download and print these Pirate labels to place around your classroom.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What's Jessie been up to?

Well apparently the short answer is - working my butt off! 

Welcome to some classroom display stuff I have been doing for my farm theme room. 

My farm display board - just waiting for kids work now!

Another farm display - farm word wall, puppets and fruit market. 

My scarecrow

The ceiling in my classroom - a parachute!

The farm - looking a bit bare here but looks a lot better now!

Butterfly hollow - a reading corner for the kids. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

On the farm display ideas

This term coming I am doing farming as a theme. This is due to a number of reasons - I live on a farm, I teach in a country town where a lot of students also live on a farm, it is the year of farming and it's going to be super fun! 

Please see below for a collection of fabulous Farm Display ideas. 

Convert an old box into a barn. 

This is a bedroom but just love the background!

A barn book holder? Genius! 

Gorgeous display!

Again not a classroom but love the effort and barn!
Paper plate farm animals - so cute!

No crows in this class! Gorgeous scarecrows made by kids.

More paper plate and paper animal craft. 

Open up a farmers market? Why not!

How does your garden grow? 

These theme words can be found at

Hope you like these displays as much as I do! Happy decorating and displaying!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter Chickens!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a nice break over Easter. Just thought I would share a few Easter activities with you for your kids over the break.

Easter egg plants
Place seeds sitting on a wet tissue inside the shell with a little bit of water and watch them sprout!

Make a little bunny box!

Super cute little cups!

Stained glass egg
Created using card, clear contact and cellophane.

Paper plate chicky! 
Easter Bunny envelopes

Paper Plate Bunny

Paper Plate mask

Another paper plate mask

Finger puppets! From 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Plastic Bottle Flowers

In class this week, we have been talking about Materials in Science. Namely we have been talking about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling materials. 

This week we made some plastic bottle flowers which are super easy to make and look absolutely fabulous (not that I'm biased). 

Basically to make these beautiful flowers you need: 

  • Plastic bottles - 1 bottle makes 2 flowers 
  • Paint or permanent markers 
  • Scissors 
  • Glitter glue or stickers for decoration. 

How to make the flowers: 
  1. Cut a plastic bottle in half.
    If you would like longer petals you might like to cut one side longer. 
  2. Cut down the plastic bottle, dividing the bottle into petals. 
  3. Push down the petals as far as they can go
    This will ensure the petals don't flick back up. 
  4. Shape the petals however you like
    You might want to slightly round the top to give it a curved shape. 
  5. Colour the petals in using paint or permanent marker
  6. Decorate using glitter glue or stickers. 

The 6 Human Needs - Secrets of a happy class

In our society, I feel as though it is quite difficult to avoid getting carried away by all of the pressures to conform. We have been so conditioned to believe certain things, to behave accordingly that we tend to completely neglect our emotions and how important they are. If we detect the slightest bit of difference in people, we can oftentimes be very condescending or unwilling to accept them for who they are. We quite often define people by their titles, the company in which they keep, their possessions, sexuality, their status in society, their appearance. The list goes on!

Without a doubt I believe that the power of the mind and the human spirit is phenomenal. A brilliant example of this is Lance Armstrong - prior to being diagnosed with cancer, he had no racing titles to his name. After being treated, Lance made a massive comeback and won 7 Tour De France titles consecutively that he had never been able to win before.

Why? Because he had developed emotional fitness and strength. 

Lance Armstrong is an incredible human being and a testament to the power of the mind and human spirit. He had to get so close to death to realize how strong and determined he was. 

6 Human needs The 6 Human Needs   The Egoic Needs

The concept I am about to discuss is not new. If we can focus on the following 6 needs of human beings I believe we can be a lot happier in ourselves and make positive contributions to society.   This is what I focus on in my class to ensure that these needs are being met. Oftentimes this is difficult to meet all of these needs but I think as teachers, it is an achievable outcome. 

Each human being needs certainty. A mental state of being without doubt, for example: The sun will rise tomorrow, my house won't change into a cardboard box overnight, I will wake up in the same bed each day. If particular things in our lives weren't certain, that would cause us great mental anguish - It is important for us to know that particular things in our lives are certain - this gives us something to rely on.

To achieve certainty in our lives we can have self-belief and self-confidence.

VARIETY (or uncertainty) 
How funny that we need variety even though it is so important to have certainty! Variety in it's simplest form means doing different things or experiencing different things in our lives. If we wake up each morning to the exact same schedule, associating with the exact same people, having the same conversations, we would blow our brains out!

To achieve variety in our lives we can experience personal transformation, personal challenges and new experiences or adventures.

This is a big one! Everybody needs to feel special - there is nothing worse than waking up each day and thinking that you are completely ordinary or average. That you have no special talents, skills or abilities that set you apart from any other human being in the world. Each person needs to believe that they are special.

To achieve significance in our lives we can experience personal empowerment, recognition by our self or others and making a personal contribution to the world somehow.

Deny this if you will but Love and Connection to other human beings is so important. We need to give love and we need to receive love. As you may be aware, there are different kinds of love: Unconditional love, Philos love (the love of friendship) and Carnal love (lust). If we do not have love and connection to other human beings, we will undoubtedly go a little bonkers. Let's be serious.

To achieve love and connection in our lives we can experience unconditional love, communication, meditation and being in service in some way to others.

In order to participate in life, every person must be willing to grow. If we think about it, it is almost impossible to live without learning something new each day. Nobody stops growing (unless you're dead). 

Growth can be achieved through exploration, adventures, challenges, open-mindedness and developing your self.

Contribution is important for human beings - we need to give something in order to justify our existence. 

Contribution can be achieved through giving/sharing, philanthropy, supporting others and volunteering. 

I am going to tie this one up now as this is the longest blog I think I have written - can you tell it is important to me! If you get nothing from this, please just do the world a favour and be POSITIVE. The power of positiveness is also remarkable. 

Hope you enjoyed this. 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

More classroom display ideas

I hope you enjoy all of these FABULOUS classroom display ideas. 

These resources do not belong to me nor have I created them - these are just a collection of amazing ideas I have found throughout the days and wanted to share with all of you! Hope you enjoy!

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